Wednesday: Pursuing Truth

Today we’re focusing on the ‘study’ part of CSNTM’s mission. We stand at the head of the stream of all future Bible translations, and our images are the starting point for major Bible research projects. Some of the ways we pursue truth are:

  • Collaboration with other scholars on publications and projects.
  • Training excellent scholars and leaders through the CSNTM internship.
  • Providing access to images that researchers need for their own work.

You can listen to stories from many of our internship students and alumni in the videos below. The CSNTM internship is making an impact on the next generation of New Testament scholarship. In the last decade, nearly 30% of emerging New Testament textual scholars throughout the world have studied at CSNTM.

iPhone Testimonials

Why the CSNTM Internship?

Andrew Bobo summarizes why CSNTM offers an internship and our goals for the students who study with us.

Interviews with the Authors of Myths & Mistakes

Many of the authors of Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism studied with CSNTM or Dan Wallace. Some of the contributors also gave written interviews with CSNTM’s current interns to discuss their chapters.