Friday: Personal Impact

Today, many members of our Board of Directors share their perspective on the impact and significance of CSNTM’s mission and why they got involved. Thanks for listening to these personal videos.

Greg Bledsoe

Surgeon General | State of Arkansas

Greg Bledsoe shares his story of learning about CSNTM’s mission and why he and his family support the work to preserve Greek New Testament manuscripts for future generations.

John and Nancy Brandon

Vice President, International (retired) | Apple

John and Nancy Brandon share how they heard about the Center and why they support the organization.

Susan Hutchison

Director | Simonyi Fund for the Arts and Sciences

Susan Hutchison shares why she believes the incredible work taking place at the Center matters for Christians who care about the Bible.

Tommy Wasserman

Associate Professor | Ă–rebro School of Theology

Tommy Wasserman shares why CSNTM’s work mattes for “manuscript nerds” like him and even for people who read the Bible but can’t read the Greek manuscripts.

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