CSNTM’s Virtual Dallas Banquet

Preserving ancient New Testament manuscripts for the modern world.

Let the banquet begin,

CSNTM’s Virtual Dallas Banquet begins on Monday, March 30 and concludes on Saturday, April 4. We’ll add updates to this website every day, so be sure to check back in for new stories and videos.

Friday: Personal Impact

John and Nancy Brandon share why they support CSNTM

Thursday: Preserving History & Providing Access

Dan Wallace tells the story and impact of a medieval manuscript.

Wednesday: Pursuing Truth

David Flood shares his CSNTM story.

Tuesday: The Mission

CSNTM’s Mission: Urgent and Significant

Monday: Welcome

Nathan Wagnon’s Greeting and Story

In their words

“They were professional, handled the library’s manuscripts with special care, and used state-of-the-art equipment…It was a joy and a privilege to work with them. They were as concerned as our own staff about the treatment of these artifacts.”

Dr. Filippos Tsimpoglou
Director General, National Library of Greece

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CSNTM has been digitizing Greek New Testament manuscripts and sharing them online since 2002.

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